Water Plague Continues

It’s raining here in Chicago. And when I say raining, I mean that the Hurricane Ike has made it all the way up here and is pouring its anger and tropical storm rage down on Chicago.

The rain is now coming in our house, it’s raining so much.

Our upstairs guest bedroom (which has a flat, but slightly sloped roof) is leaking. At first, it was just a small leak, a singular drip out of the ceiling fan. Next, it became a steady drip. Then, a stream. Next, a raging current of rain.

The rain has decided that it’s not satisfied with only coming in through the hole of the ceiling fan. Water has begun dripping from about 12 places in the ceiling. I think we’re going to lose the drywall ceiling.

And yes, we’ve had the roofing guy out, apparently it’s a flashing problem that will be fixed this week, of course, after Ike is long gone and the sun is out.

Stupid rain.

Basement, you may ask? Basement is bone dry.