As I’ve said before on this little blog, my husband and I are Democrats. That’s Democrats with a capital D, very liberal, very accepting of everyone. Except republicans. That was a joke. Some of my best relatives are republicans.

Our next-door neighbors started out with a small republican presidential sign in their front yard. It was a little close to our property line, but oh well, we thought, now we know who they are and where they stand.

Robert and I decided to fight back. He printed out a GIANT Obama O – it’s about 4′ in diameter. We’ve put it in our big window in our living room, so anyone who looks at our house will see this giant beautiful symbolic O. I love it. I’m o-for-it.

The next week, the neighbors added about 8 more signs to their front yard. Cluttered, littered with republican names.

Now, it’s on. I’m thinking we need a light-up neon Obama sign next. Or maybe giant rope-light O’s all over our lawn. Perhaps a giant Obama sign on our roof that can be read by airplanes. For every one republican sign they put up, I’m putting up 3 Obama signs. Escalation, here we come.

Have you registered to vote? The deadline is fast approaching! Make sure you are registered!

3 thoughts on “Escalation

  1. This made me laugh out loud! We keep our political alliances to ourselves on this little block, but I know who my peeps are….we secretly talk about the R’s behind their backs 😉 I have been asking EVERYONE if they are registered to vote, though!


  2. Yo girl! And go Obama! We have had our yard sign out since the primaries – February for us up here in Minnesota. Now we have added our Al Franken sign! And recenlty donated to Planned Parenthood – in Palin’s name of course.


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