What an election. Crazy past 2 years. What a day yesterday. What an amazing speech last night. Congratulations America! Congratulations Barack Obama!

Flying home last night as we were landing at O’Hare, we flew north of Grant Park, where I could see the lights of the party downtown and millions of flashbulbs going off. I landed around 8:15 PM (early – can you believe it?), Robert picked me up, and we rushed home to get in front of the TV. Election returns were coming in fast and furious, and our level of hope was rising.

And then, the announcement! Obama Wins! Our hearts were full and our eyes were shining – what a proud and impressive moment in our history that we are all a part of. And then his acceptance speech – so awesome.

I’m elated and so is Robert. I woke up this morning thinking “we did it”. Never in our relationship have we watched a Democrat be elected to the White House, and we are so proud to give our support to a President like Barack Obama. Time to Cel-O-Brate! Yay Obama!