Scavenger Hunt Disney Vacation Surprise

Well, it’s time to dust off the old blog to write about our upcoming adventures. Our daughter Lucy is now five years old, in kindergarten, and a beautiful, funny, smart kid. As a producer, I need to produce things in my personal life as well as my work life, so my latest production project at home is our Walt Disney World vacation. We’ve been planning this since this summer, and all of the tools that Disney has make it super easy to do. Their website is well done and the itinerary planning is awesome (and no one paid me to say that).

Halloween is one of our FAVORITE holidays, and has been since we were kids. And now we’re passing that tradition along to Lucy! She has no idea what is about to happen, we’ve done a good job keeping a super-secret secret.

We’re starting out today with a fake scavenger hunt, with candy at the end. And tomorrow will be the REAL scavenger hunt, with clues that lead her to puzzle pieces, which spell out the news of our Disney vacation next week. We’re starting with a fake one, so she doesn’t think every scavenger hunt leads to a fantastic vacation.

Now, I must go hide clues. Hooray!