Carrot Stick

We decided to paint the living room in a more modern way, or at least, adventurous for us. Three walls of the living room are white (Decorator’s White) and one wall is Orange. The official color from the paint store is Carrot Stick Orange.

Here’s what the living room color looked like before we bought the house:


This light beige-y-brown color was the exact shade of blah.

Here’s what the new orange paint looks like in the daylight hours:


The color orange is associated with joy, according to the internets. And it also stimulates mental activity and increases the oxygen supply to the brain. Which is very important for the hours we will spend watching television in this room.

I’m trying to attract the rabbits to our yard, I want a yard overflowing with bunnies.

So, two nights ago, I conducted a little test. I put a carrot out in middle of the yard, the bright orange color was easily seen, contrasted against the green grass. The next day, carrot was completely gone! I am hopeful it was eaten by a plethora of rabbits, but my fellow homeowner friends tell me it could have been the aggressive squirrels. I’m going to believe it was the rabbits.

Carrots For Everyone!

5 thoughts on “Carrot Stick

  1. Pam, I too believe it was the bunnies! I love the new house. I am very excited to come see you in the Suburbs. All my love to you and Robert.


  2. Pam your house is so cute; but the blue siding on the side has to go. I really like your kitchen also. Tomorrow you will get to enjoy the fun of moving in! All day stress and grumpy relatives! But then you get to stay in your new home. P.S. You will no longer like rabbits after they have eaten all your flowers and bushes down to the nubs. Speaking as someone who lives in the suburbs and also wishes for stock in Home Depot. Or Menards. Or Loews. Or Ace Hardware.


  3. I love the orange. I too believe it was the bunnies. I’m liking the new turf. Can’t wait to visit.


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